Tanjung Pinang, the largest port town in the Riau Archipelago, is located in a lee near the south of Bintan. It is a town not just steeped in Indonesian culture and traditions, but also offers an exotic mix of the old and the new.

Hugging the town foreshore are quaint villages of traditional wooden houses standing on stilts over the water. Just beyond the waterfront is the busy town itself, where motorcyles ply the streets and long rows of shops offer a wide variety of products.

The huge wet market that is usually teeming with people is definitely worth a visit. It is a true bargains galore for almost everything especially fresh seafood.

Penyengat island

This small island, just 15 minutes away from Tanjung Pinang, was once the cultural capital of the Malays during the 18th century and offers plenty of colonial relics.


This old stilts settlement can be reached by a short sampan ride from Tanjung Pinang. Its attractions include interesting Buddhist temples, including an old temple caged by the roots of a large Banyan tree.

Trikora beach

Located on the eastern shores of Bintan island, Trikora Beach is famous for its fascinating rock formations and clear pristine waters, which makes it an seaside ideal getaway.On the way to Trikora Beach, a worthwhile stopover is Kawal, the fishing centre of Bintan where fish auctions are held frequently.

Salak plantation

About 25km from Tanjung Pinang lies a major salak plantation, where you can taste the exotic tropical fruit that is a unique mix of sweet and a sour.

Tanjungpinang sea side

Tanjung Pinang city seaside is where the locals turn up in droves to appreciate the beautiful sunset. Just a few minutes walk away is Melayu Square, famous for its wide variety of traditional Melayu dishes.


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